Smiling Hogshead Ranch
A Community Farm
in Long Island City, Queens
These mantids are outta control! (at Smiling Hogshead Ranch)
08.22.14 @ 02: 37
Amazing progress clearing for our future trellised entry walk (at Smiling Hogshead Ranch)
08.21.14 @ 12: 451
#mycometeor in the Ranch’s #NYCompost bin (at Smiling Hogshead Ranch)
08.21.14 @ 11: 28
Donate to Smiling Hogshead Ranch

Did you know there are two ways to make a donation to our organization? You can write a check to Smiling Hogshead Ranch and send it to us at 25-30 Skillman Ave. Long Island City, NY 11101 
Click this link and give a tax free donation online through our 501c3 fiscal sponsor Palms For Life

Some serious clearing & organizing happening today  (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
08.14.14 @ 14: 53
@CitizensNYC & TDBank_US at @SmilingHogshead Ranch - an album on Flickr

Huge thanks to all the volunteers that helped us pull weeds, build porch swings and start sinking posts for our Stormwater harvesting structure last week. Great work & good times!

Weeding at the Ranch just got a lot more fun! #pyroplants (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
08.11.14 @ 12: 51
Found this huge knife in an old piles of construction debris at Hogshead (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
08.09.14 @ 18: 511
News from the Acres - August 7, 2014

Congratulations to Smiling Hogshead Ranch, who signed a lease with the MTA this past week after two years of organizing, negotiating, and growing in the space at 25-30 Skillman Avenue (at Pearson Place) in Long Island City, Queens. Visit their blog to read about what they grow, how they got started, and upcoming events. Want to check out their space? The Two Row Camp is hosting an overnight camp at the Ranch this Saturday, August 9th, starting at 7 pm with a potluck! Contact to get the details.

Pallet + billboard = porch swing    BOOM (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
08.06.14 @ 17: 262
The #Flamingo mural is back! (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
08.06.14 @ 17: 25
Busy sinking posts #UrbanAg NYC #rainwaterharvesting structure (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
08.06.14 @ 16: 231
Working with @CitizensNYC & @TDbank_US volunteers today. THANKS 4 the helping hands! (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
08.06.14 @ 13: 40
Good morning #NYCompost. Did you know #SHHR is a NYC Community Compost Collection site in Queens? (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
08.06.14 @ 10: 17
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