Smiling Hogshead Ranch
A Community Farm
in Long Island City, Queens
Look for a #LoveYourBlock weekend @SmilingHogshead Ranch piece on @NY1 2nite (cc @CitizensNYC @AgnesChung) (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
04.20.14 @ 13: 00
2nd load of mulch. So excited we could squeal!  (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
04.20.14 @ 11: 06
Mulch delivery #1. Thanks @ParksNYC @CitizensNYC (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
04.20.14 @ 09: 58
The new gathering area. I think it needs a name.  (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
04.19.14 @ 14: 30
#loveyourblock moped find.  cc @CitizensNYC  (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
04.19.14 @ 14: 28
@SmilingHogshead is now accepting donations :0D (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
04.19.14 @ 13: 53
Serious back breaking work hap’nin oer’ hea! Good job Hogshead Ranch Hands! (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
04.18.14 @ 18: 401
#loveyourblock day one & We ain’t done yet! Thanks for all the help! (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
04.18.14 @ 17: 261
Our #EarthDay raised bed planter build is supported by a @BIGNYC! Blooms grant. Thanks Build It Green!!! (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
04.18.14 @ 17: 10
This is happening! #GoodFriday! #loveyourblock  (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
04.18.14 @ 15: 34
#loveyourblock in an #empathicworld (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
04.18.14 @ 12: 51
miscmiscellanea asked
Hi, I just read the November 12, 2013 Daily News article about you and I was wondering what, if anything, you did about the feral cats.

The feral cat colony precedes us and there is a lady who has regestered them and cares for them on a regular basis. They will stay until the colony ends in natural attrition.

Snow & ice on the ground today @SmilingHogshead Ranch
04.16.14 @ 13: 31
Pop-quiz #treehuggers: what do the brackets and “6XA” on the sidewalk mean? cc @milliontreesnyc @NYCparks (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
04.15.14 @ 15: 04
Who’s coming to our #LoveYourBlock 3day weekend? RSVP here: here or here (at @SmilingHogshead Ranch)
04.15.14 @ 10: 341
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