Smiling Hogshead Ranch
A Community Farm
in Long Island City, Queens
Planting fruiting #MillionTreesNYC from @nyrp today (at Smiling Hogshead Ranch)
09.18.14 @ 16: 081
The First Queens Art Intervention Day is Coming to LIC

Join us on the 27th for a #QAI installation at the Ranch. Come early (10am) for a yoga class before the library baby-grand opening.

#NYCompost turning and collecting plant tissue and soil sampling for lab testing.  (at Smiling Hogshead Ranch)
09.17.14 @ 19: 33
This is Paul, he works in the area, he stopped me today and said, “This is great, anything having to do with nature and growing fresh, healthy food, I support.” Thanks Paul! (at Smiling Hogshead Ranch)
09.17.14 @ 12: 091
#SmilingHogshead Ranch board member Geoff Brock being interviewed by @NY1 morning news #NYC #Queens #UrbanAg
09.16.14 @ 11: 012
Join us @SmilingHogshead Ranch on 9/27 @10am for an outdoor #yoga class. Donation ba$ed, BYOYM + H2O
09.15.14 @ 12: 36
Progress on the rainwater harvesting structure over the weekend.
09.14.14 @ 21: 143
New stairs at #SHHR (at Smiling Hogshead Ranch)
09.10.14 @ 16: 40
"Melody of New York" Composed by the evening’s participants, performed by yoto. (at Smiling Hogshead Ranch)
09.09.14 @ 23: 36
Introducing: The Smiling Hogshead Ranch, LIC | Brownstoner Queens

Our friend Mitch took some pics and weaved a unique story around Saturday’s Ribbon Cutting. Read all about it:

Roughly 40 cyclists joining the NYC Urban Farm Tour this morning. Final destination, @smilinghogshead ranch (at Central Park At Columbus Circle)
09.06.14 @ 09: 20
Some new informational pamphlets courtesy of The Institute for Making Infinity Comprehensible. Grab one next time your here (at Smiling Hogshead Ranch)
08.29.14 @ 17: 082
Tow cats on the roof (at Smiling Hogshead Ranch)
08.28.14 @ 19: 11
Some sorta volunteer squash is growing up in the trees!
08.28.14 @ 19: 081
Sweet plant score! Thanks @rrandlavender for the plants & @596Acres for the heads up!!! (at Rose Red & Lavender)
08.28.14 @ 10: 42
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